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Wireless Siren, Light, Remote, & Outdoor Sensor


No Keypad. Works with a remote control and is expandable up to 8 Total Sensors and/or Remote Controls that match to your specific siren, or sirens.

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We have bundled our “Easy to USE” Wireless Outdoor Siren, Remote Control and adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensor. Use it as a stand-alone alarm system or Panic Alarm.

 The HomeSafe Wireless Outdoor Siren has a high output alarm and flashing light. It has a delay timer 0-10s and 3 alarm functions; siren + signal light, signal light only, and siren only. This bundle can be used as a stand-alone motion detection siren alarm and/or panic alarm. Due to its wireless portability and small footprint, the siren can be placed indoors and set to flashing light only, becoming a silent signal that there is movement at the sensor. And if you want to protect more than one area, you can add more siren horns and match to each siren with up to 8 total sensors (Not included); HomeSafe WIRELESS MOTION SENSOR, WIRELESS DOOR/ WINDOW/VIBRATION SENSOR, AND HOMESAFE OUTDOOR MOTION SENSOR.

The remote control and outdoor sensor are easy to match to the siren.  Activate the system with the remote control and it sets up ready for use in about 60 seconds. Once a sensor detects motion it will sound the siren alarm and/or flash the light. When the siren is activated, it has a timed automatic shut off. With this bundle, the alarm will turn on and off every 30 seconds until the motion detector no longer sees movement.

The siren comes with a USA 2 prong switching 120-240 volt AC to 6 Volt DC power adaptor and uses 4 AAA batteries (not included) as a backup power source.

This bundle can also be used with the HomeSafe Alarm System. Compatible with 200R; 300R; 500R; 218WR; 600WR; 660; 615PR; 616PR; 819; 820; T018S; T068S

The HomeSafe outdoor adjustable sensor is known as model 616PR and HA-MOTION-OD. It has a wireless radio frequency range of up to 300 feet. When triggered the RF signal activates the siren. It comes with wall mount and requires 3 AA batteries (not included).


Easy to install Swivel wall mount bracket kit included

Operates on 3 AA batteries (Not Included) Low power consumption – Long battery life

Wireless RF transmission up to 300 feet Battery low indicator

159 degree adjustable area angle detection Adjustable distance

This Wireless Outdoor Adjustable Motion Sensor can also be used with the HomeSafe Security System and Barking Dog Alarm.

 The HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security Remote Control with Panic Button is designed to work with the Outdoor Siren with flashing light, and/or Home Security System. The Remote control unit can be used to activate or deactivate the system.

Includes Lithium battery and Keychain Hook. Range up to 30 meters, 20 meters (60 feet) is average performance to the siren horn, which is the controler.

Also compatible with HomeSafe main units, 605AR, T015S; T016S; T018S; T068S; 639S; 639SR; EWD-1; 820; 526F; 526L; 625R and the StreetWise SWEWD.

See the Siren, Sensor and Remote manuals to match the remote to the Siren.


In addition to setting and disarming the system, the Remote Control also has a Panic Button. Depending on what you have the Siren set as; When you press the PANIC Button the alarm or flashing light will activate instantly and reset after 90 seconds, or when the disarm button is pushed.


The remote control and Motion Sensor must be matched, one at a time to the Siren before, The system will work. This is a one time simple process and instructions for setup come with the siren and remote control.

We will send you an email from ForSecuritySake that includes simple enhanced instructions and a copy of your tracking number. Please white list in your email.

Weight 2.0 lbs

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