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Wireless OutDoor Siren Flashing Light Remote Control


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Wireless OutDoor Siren Flashing Light & Remote Control  For Use As A Panic Alarm



We have bundled our HomeSafe Wireless Outdoor Siren and ONE Remote Control. *As bundled, this set can be used as a panic alarm by pressing the panic button on the remote control. **It is expandable so it can be used as an alarm Siren.

* A simple onetime match procedure needs to be done before the Remote control will work with the siren. When your package ships, we will send an email from ForSecuritySake with a link to setup and matching instructions.

The Siren:

The HomeSafe Wireless Outdoor Siren has a high output alarm. It has 3 alarm functions; siren + signal light, signal light only, and siren only. There is a delay timer 0-10 seconds that can be used when the siren is used for an alarm siren. The siren has an automatic shut off. Every 90 seconds the alarm will turn off once the alarm is triggered by a optional add on sensor. When the Panic Button, on the included remote control, is pressed the Siren will activate immediately and will reset after 90 seconds. 

The siren comes with and runs on a USA 2 prong switching 120-240 volt AC to 6 Volt DC power adaptor and uses 4 AAA batteries (not included) as a backup power source.

** It can be used as a siren with the HomeSafe Alarm System and the Siren can also be used as a stand-alone alarm siren by connecting up to 7 additional sensors: HomeSafe Wireless Motion Sensor(s),Door/Window/Vibration Sensor(s), and the Indoor/Outdoor Adjustable Motion Sensor(s). (Not included with this Listing.)  


The Remote Control:

The remote operates with an included replaceable CR 2032 button battery. Distance from remote to siren operational range is up to 30 meters (98 feet); 20 meters (65 feet) is average performance. The remote control must be matched to the Siren before it will work. Instructions for setup come with the siren and remote control. In addition, we will send you an email from ForSecuritySake when your order ships that include simple enhanced instructions and a copy of your tracking number. Please white list ForSecuritySake in your email.

There are three buttons on the remote. Arm, Disarm, and Panic. The arm and disarm buttons control activation of the siren for when the siren is used with sensors or a compatible HomeSafe alarm system( Not included in this listing).  

The Panic button will immediately activate the siren when pressed. To reset the Siren Alarm before the timer resets automatically, press the Disarm button of the remote control.


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