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Pepper Spray OC A Good Self Defense Product

I swerved off the road to my right as the car reached where I had just been. The ratty car then swerved left through a traffic lane and into the turn lane where it struck a car from behind.

When the police arrived, I gave my story and left knowing that the situation could have been much worse if not for pepper spray.

Date Rape Protection and Evidence UOP

You don’t need to be forced to have sex for it to be rape. Date Rape can be emotionally coerced with threats, name calling, too much alcohol, and or drugs. It is the most common form of Rape.

Many Date Rapes are planned. The use of Date Rape drugs is a one way rapist plans an attack.

You may hear Date Rape Drugs called, Rohypnol, GHB, ActiveSex, Rope, Rib, R-2, Roofies, Roche, Ruffies, and Liquid Persuasion. These drugs are difficult to detect when mixed with drinks or other drugs. They are oderless and tasteless.

Black Bear Facts & Pepper Spray Repellent in The Lake Tahoe Area

Everyone that has known us for awhile can tell you that our favorite places to be during the summer and fall are the Sierra Mountains. Yosemite National Park, Fallen Leaf Lake, and Lake Tahoe are some of our usual destinations. One thing these three places have in common is Black Bears. I would like pass on …

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Purchase Bear Pepper Spray For Camping & Hiking

Now is the time to consider your camping plans for the year. While thinking about supplies, I would add a note to (click here) purchase bear pepper spray for your camping protection. The situation pictured is a dangerous one.  While wild bears will normally scare away, some bears are used to people and will do whatever …

Purchase Bear Pepper Spray For Camping & Hiking Read More »

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