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129Db Air Horn For Boats And Self-Defense


Safety Technology 129dB Air Horn For Boating and Camping, Hiking, and other Outdoor Self-Defense

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The 129db Air Horn for boats and self-defense is a hand held essential signal device with roaring sound at a loud 129 decibels for added safety on the water.  It meets all US Coast Guard requirements for boats up to 65 feet. This reliable and compact Air Horn fits easily in your hand and other carrying devices .

While this product is a great solution for boating, it can be used as an effective self-defense mechanism as well. When you may need added security, keep this in mind and utilize your 129db Air Horn to send out a loud audible warning signal before you find yourself in harm’s way. The impressive 129 decibels of sound is sure to turn heads and is capable of scaring off assailants, wild animals, and other potential threats.

Make sure to add this important safety tool to all of your outdoor activities including hiking and camping for added peace of mind!

-Compact size 5 1/8″ x 1 3/4″
-Weight: 1.4oz
-129 Decibels
-For Boats up to 65 feet
-Meets US Coast Guard requirements

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 5.125 × 1.250 × 1.250 in

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