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Affordable Home Alarms

Make A Safer Home With Modern Simple To Use Technology

I have learned many things at the local barber shop. Not as much as with today’s social media, but good thoughts for all of us …

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Home and Personal Security

Don’t Think Porch Pirates Will Stop Stealing From Mailboxes And Front Doors During This Covid-19 Pandemic

People that
are prone to take from your mailbox and porch must be seeing an opportunity because
of the recommendations to the public and the uptick of items being purchased
and shipped online. They don’t care that it is wrong to follow delivery routes and
steal, so why would they care about being outside during this pandemic.

I have some
tips to help you stay healthy and keep your mailbox and packages resistant to

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Home and Personal Security

Self Defense Spray – A Real World Example Of How They Can Work

After serving forty plus years in law enforcement, you gain many memorable events that are stuck in your mind forever. Whenever I think of events …

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"Home Invasion"

How To Use The HomeSafe Wireless Siren As A Silent Doorbell

You will need our HomeSafe Wireless Siren, Remote Control,and one Adjustable Motion Sensor.   Match the remote control and then the motion sensor to thesiren. …

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Family Safety

The Fur Ball Buzzer For Fashionable Personal Alarm Protection Of Children And Women

Our Fur Ball Buzzer gives you a fashionable furry personal alarm protection for children and women. One of my greatest joys of growing older is …

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Affordable Home Alarms

Outdoor & Indoor Wireless Simple To Use Alarm System

Updated 10-10-2020 Would you set up an inexpensive alarm system if you knew it was simple to install and use? I belong to our local …

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