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Beer Can Diversion Safe


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The Miller High Life Beer Can Safe is a great way to hide valuables in plain site. Just place the can in a normal area you would find this type of product, such as the back of a shelf among other like drinks.

A burglar doesn’t normally spend much time in a victims home.  Put the odds in your favor that a burglar will not take your valuables because he won’t find them. Hide your property in the back of a row of drinks, so if he wants a cold one he gets an actual bear and misses the hidden items.

Diversion safes, also referred to as concealment devices are safes made of, or made to look like common household items for the purpose of concealing valuables. The whole idea is to keep important things that may draw the attention of a thief in the most regular of items and in places where they would least expect. Diversion safes have proven to be one of the most reliable ways of storing important items as far back as the First World War.

It is a perfect choice to hide your valuables in plain sight about a storage area.

It looks and feels like a *real sealed new container. Pick it up and it looks and feels like the real thing.

Hide your valuables and medication in plain sight by using diversion safes and throw the bad guys off track.

*Photos of this product are for illustration only.  Manufacturers  change the look of their products as they feel it is needed and our products change with them. Your product may be have a different look then the photo in this listing.

Interior dimensions of this safe 1″ x 3½”

Weight 0.7 lbs

Here it is!

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