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Real Hardcover Book Diversion Safe


A professionally made diversion safe form a real hard cover book.

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This is a real hardcover book diversion safe.  In the book shelf picture, shown for illustration purposes, can you pick out the real books? Neither could I because they are all real hardcover books. *Two of those books are actually Book Safes!

In my experience, most burglars spend a short amount of time inside a victim’s home. They check the most obvious places for valuables, sometimes taking entire jewelry boxes and un-mounted Safes.

You might ask what some of these obvious places are:  Dresser drawers, Headboards, Closets, Glass Jars, Cookie Jars, and valuables left out in the open.

With this product you can hide your valuables in what is a real hardcover book with a space in the center professionally cut out and a protective insert for protection of your valuables . These book safes come in random assorted titles.

The dimensions of the cut out space inside are about 7 3/4 x 4 x 1 inches. The inner compartment has a soft velour finish to protect your possessions. The fitted cover insures that valuables are “held” in place and won’t fall out even if the book is dropped.

It is great for traveling, as an unassuming book on a bedside table, as well as part of your library.

It is the perfect gift for people who love to keep secrets.

The only problem you will have that I can think of is resisting the urge to show it off because it is such a cool product.

The Undercover Book Safe might have a advertising/ informational sleeve. Be sure to remove this sleeve to reveal the actual book sleeve that blends in with any book shelf.

*This sale is for one book safe. The above photos are for illustration purpose only. Random titles may or may not be what is shown in the listing illustration photos. Multiple orders may or may not be the same title.


Weight 1.33 lbs

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