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Electronic Dog Repeller


To help stop a dog attack and or to help train your own dog. See our Product Description.

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Using the latest ultrasonic technology, the SUPER DOGCHASER uses two ways to repel a dog. One is the discomforting but not harmful high frequency sound (20,000Hz-25,000Hz), audible to dogs but not to humans. And, the second is a super bright LED flashing strobe that temporarily blinds and confuses the dog.

Dimensions: 4-3/4″ x 1-3/4″ x 3/4″

Helps stop the approach of unwanted dogs up to 40 feet. Also has a training setting. Can be used as a flashlight. Requires one 9 volt battery (not included)

Please note: This is not a anti barking device. It is designed to help repel an attacking canine. They may still charge and they will still growl and bark even though they have stopped their charge. If a dog is charging stand tall, look vicious and use this device to help repel the dog.

Training mode is a tool you can use in normal training of your own dog. Think of it as an electronic whistle that you can train your dog to respond to.

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