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Airsofts Are Realistic

Airsoft TargetAirsofts, or Airsoft Guns are styled after some of the world’s most famous firearms. These Air Powered guns are true to scale and easy to operate. They shoot plastic BBs at velocities between 100 and 600 feet per second, using compressed gas or spring driven air. They are great fun and are growing in popularity.

Airsoft also refers to a sport where the Airsofts are used in competitive games. Police Training, target shooting, and simulations are some common uses. They are considered safe when used in a controlled environment and with safety equipment like protective eye-wear.

Last year, I watched several campers put on a Airsoft target shooting competition for their kids. It was fun to watch and when the kids were done, the parents took over. They were having so much fun, when they ran out of plastic BBs, they policed them all (Cleaned them up) and reused them.

But please use them with caution. Airsofts look real and they can be viewed as real.

Last week three teenagers from Stockton, California began walking their neighborhood with Airsofts out in the open. A few of the neighbors mistook the guns to be real and called the police.

There is a large gang problem in Stockton and most are teenagers, so it was no surprise that the police responded quickly and with back up. When they arrived on scene they found two teenagers pointing their Airsoft guns at a house. They were in the process of talking these teenagers into dropping their guns when a third teenager stormed from the house with an Airsoft gun in each hand.

Lucky for the teenager, he immediately saw the police and dropped the Airsofts from his hands when they commanded him to.

Neighbor witnesses to the incident noted that this could have been a tragedy, if not for the professionalism of the police and the quick compliance of the teenagers.

Please have fun with your Airsofts, but remember to be safe out there!

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