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Remote Control For EWD-1 Barking Dog Alarm


An add on/replacement Remote Control For EWD-1 Electronic Barking Dog Alarm & the HomeSafe Wireless Siren with Flashing Light.




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The HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security Remote Control with Panic Button is designed to work with the following alarms:

Compatible with Barking Dog Alarms: HomeSafe 639SR; SafeFamilyLife EWD-1; Safety Technology EWD-1; and the StreetWise SWEWD. 

It is also compatable with the HomeSafe Wireless Siren with Flashing Light and HomeSafe Alarm System.

The remote control unit can be used to arm, panic activate, or deactivate the system. Includes Lithium battery and Key Chain Hook. Range with a fresh battery is up to 30 meters (98 feet), 20 meters (65 feet) is average performance. Compatible with HomeSafe main units, 605AR, T015S; T016S; T018S; T068S; 639S; 639SR; EWD-1; 820; 526F; 526L; 625R; and HA-Siren;  

See the HomeSafe manual to match the remote to the Barking Dog Alarm main unit. Uses included button battery CR2032.

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In addition to setting and disarming the system, the  Remote Control also has a Panic Button. When you press the PANIC Button the alarm will sound a siren alarm instantly, and in the case of the Home Security System, the Auto-Dialer will begin dialing the stored telephone numbers.

Weight 0.15 lbs

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