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South Sacramento California Barber Shop Shooting

Barber poleSmoking GunIt was like a wild west movie where the bad guy walks into a barber shop and starts shooting, only this time it was in South Sacramento California and Gang related. When the suspects started shooting, customers in the barber shop started shooting back. The gunfight then moved into the shopping center parking lot.

When it was all over six people had been shot. The very sad part of this story is like many that happen when guns are involved. Innocent  people get shot. In this case a 30 year old  mother trying  to strap her child into their SUV was hit and killed by a stray bullet. At the time of the story, she was the only one killed.

Since the story aired earlier this week on KCRA TV in Sacramento, one other person shot that day also died and at least one suspect has been arrested. People interviewed that were in the area said that the shopping center where this happened was normally a calm area. It is just a reminder that this can happen anywhere.

I don’t know if the mother that was killed knew what was going on, but there were reports that her body was shielding the child.

There are a few things you should know if something like this happens to you. Vehicle windshields, doors, and tops do not stop bullets. If you are at your vehicle the safest place to be is to put your vehicle engine and wheel between you and the gun fire. Don’t expose yourself or leave that area until the incident is over.

If you have a Taser, Stun Gun, or Pepper Spray, have it ready to use.

Please be aware of what is going on around you. We want all of you to be as safe as possible out there.

I have provided the news story link below. 

 Sacramento California Barber Shop Shooting 

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