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Welcome To Our Blog at

For_Security_Sake_ShieldDuring 30 plus full time years as a Police Officer, Detective, and Supervisor I have been in a unique position to witness crime scenes, learn from my partners and suspects, and participate in criminal court proceedings. During the last 6 years of my career, my assignment was to enhance my department’s technology.

I traveled across the United States to meet representatives of other police departments and technology companies. We discussed crime trends and a way to combat them. We found that although crime statistics vary from location to location, criminals tend to act similarly when committing crimes.

My reason for becoming a police officer was to help people be more safe and secure in their daily lives. Retiring from Law Enforcement did not stop that desire and is my way to continue. You will find quality protection products for Home, Business and Self protection.

Self Protection products include  Taser,  Mace, Pepper Spray, and Personal Alarms. For a sample of products for home safety you will find  low cost alarm systems, diversion safes, and Family Life kits. For your business we currently have the Ultimate Office Safety and Security kit.

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While you are here, be sure to take a look at our products. Most  are to enhance your security and safety, with a few just for fun.

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  1. Between me and my wife we’ve bought more stun guns over the years than I can count. But, no matter what self defense product you use, you need to keep it handy.

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