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Stun Master Stun Guns And Myths

Updated 02/12/2022 The stun gun is an excellent self-defense product choice and lately, it has been seen on television more than other self-defense products. Hollywood has appeared to have embraced stun guns. Stun Guns and Taser like non-lethal products have been seen on TV shows using them as props in their plots: Several episodes of […]

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The Cat Burglar

These burglar types are the real Cat Burglar and they get a kick out of burglarizing your home while you are there. If you find anything about Cat Burglars on the web, you will learn that they specialize at being stealthy like a cat. In many cases it is much more than that. The Cat Burglar is like a normal burglar that looks for easy ways to get into your home, but he/she gets a thrill from getting away with it when the home has people around.

There are three types of Cat Burglar that I am sure that you have heard of; he/she takes children or assaults adults and those Cat Burglars are called Kidnappers, Rapists, and Murderers.

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