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Diversion Safes

Various Diversion Safes Colage
Various Diversion Safes Collage
Diversion safes, also known as concealment devices, have proven to be one of the most reliable ways of storing important small items of property. As far back as the Civil War, leaders and soldiers have hidden important items such as money, navigation maps, ammunition, and secret codes in cans, jars, books, and other common ordinary looking items. Some of those hidden items are still being found today by treasure hunters.
Currently manufactures are designing these hidden safes to look and feel like ordinary products normally found in homes, garages, and businesses. Some are actual modified sealed empty containers to make them look new, unused, and full.  Even though the diversion safe is often kept in plain sight, it is makes it more difficult for a thief to identify them as places you have hidden your precious property.
A diversion safe can be made from any common product normally found about a certain area. One of the best designs is the classic real book diversion safeOpen Book Showing Safe 1 In this instance, the safe looks like, or is an ordinary real book. However, the diversionary purpose of the book only becomes clear when the book is opened showing the hollowed center where important documents and valuables can be stored. Unless the thief or thieves are intimately privy to the goings on in your house, it is highly unlikely that an intruder will start to go through your shelf of books to find out which book is a diversion safe.Diversion Can Safe Samples Available
Product Cans are a popular type of diversion safe to help protect your small property items. A can diversion safe is simply a can or a jar made to look like a real food, drink, body care cosmetic, cleaning, or any other common product usually contained in a can.
As with any diversion safe, both design and location play an important part in successful concealment. The more regular a can diversion safe looks in its chosen location, the harder it is for anyone to suspect that the can serves an out-of-the ordinary purpose to protect your items.
As a couple of examples: you would want to place a cola can diversion safe amongst and behind other like looking real cola cans and you would want to place an engine degreaser can in a garage behind other cans of products found in a garage or vehicle trunk.
It is important to remember that a would be thief is not always an intruder. They can be someone that lives in, or is invited into your home or business. This makes it important not to share that you have a hidden place for your valuables.
You can supplement the use of a in plain sight diversion safe by installing a dummy shoe box, or jewelry box in an area commonly searched by those inclined to steal from you. It is an effective way of complementing the use of hidden safe products.  The shoe or Jewelry box can be left at a conspicuous place with items of no real value placed inside. For instance, you could go to a cheap jewelry store and buy some low quality and low value jewelry and place them inside. Then put the jewelry box on top of your dresser or the shoe box on a closet shelf, both of which are common places that a thief will look for valuables.
An intruder finding these dummy items might think this might have some sentimental value for you and either decide to pick the jewelry or leave it. Either way, there will be no loss for you, but it takes time to look at these items and thieves are usually in a hurry and try to get away from the scene of a theft as soon as possible.
Irrespective of the kind of diversion safes you choose, they have become very popular as they are seen as being much safer than jewelry boxes, or some other conventional safe.
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