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Diversion safes, also known as concealment devices, have been in use for a long time and have proved to be one of the most reliable ways of storing important items. As far back as the Civil and First World War, soldiers are said to have hidden important items such as navigation maps and secret codes in cans, jars, and rifle ammunition. Some of those hidden items are still being found today. Over time, diversion safes have become more common. Even though the diversion safe is often kept in plain sight, the fact that it is designed like ordinary looking items makes it more difficult to identify.

A diversion safe can be made from anything. One of the most common designs is the classic book diversion safeReal Book Diversion Safe Showing Safe Lid And Inside In this instance, the safe looks like an ordinary book. However, the diversionary purpose of the book becomes clear when the book opened showing the hollowed center where important documents and valuables can be stored. Unless they are intimately privy to the goings on in your house, it is highly unlikely that an intruder will start to go through your shelf of books to find out which book is a diversion safe.A couple of examples of diversion safes that look like an ordinary products

Product Cans can also be used as diversion safes. A can diversion safe is simply a can or a jar made to look like a food can, drink can, body care cosmetics cans, cleaning product can or any other common place product usually packed in a can. As with any diversion safe, both design and location plays an important part in successful concealment. The more regular a can diversion safe looks and is located, the harder it is for anyone to suspect that the can serves an out-of-the ordinary purpose.

Installing a dummy safe, or using a jewelry box is also a very effective way of having or complementing a diversion safe.  The safe or Jewelry box is placed at a conspicuous place with items of no real value placed on the inside. For instance, you could go to a cheap jewelry store and buy some low quality and low value beaded necklaces and place them inside.

An intruder finding these dummy items might think this might have some sentimental value for you and either decide to pick the jewelry or leave it. Either way, there will be no loss for you.

There are many other alternatives to installing a hidden safe. Among these options is placing the hidden diversion safe behind wall paintings or having a fake electrical outlet that has a hidden safe inside.

Irrespective of the kind of safe, diversion safes have become very common as they are seen as being much safer than other conventional safes.

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