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Happy New Year Party Safety Tips

New Year Party HatsWelcome to the party day of the new year. We would like to offer you the following tips to help keep you safe and happy beyond the party.

Usually when you talk about party tips, the first thing that comes to mind is drunk driving. I would like to remind you of that and as you read on, a second sometimes overlooked party safety subject.

The message is simple really. Don’t drink and drive and don’t ride with a driver that has been drinking.

Be sure to go to parties with friends you trust. Remember to choose who is going to be the designated driver before you leave for the party.   

At times the person that says he/she will be the designated driver will drink too much. Remember a person does not necessarily look drunk when impaired. Don’t let them talk you into leaving with them if you suspect the slightest buzz.             
It is usually presumed that your body can metabolize, at most, an ounce of alcohol an hour, but your impairment can depend on your size and other factors, such as prescription drugs.   
If you miss, or decline your ride home, there are service clubs or bars that offer free rides. In my area it is sometimes a tow truck company, but this year it is offered by one of our local funeral homes. Would you rather arrive home alive, or have them handle a  funeral because of an alcohol related crash?
If the party is at your house, you are responsible for your guests.  Have space setup for overnighters. Collect keys at the beginning of the party and do not give them back if impairment is suspected.
Personal safety is sometimes overlooked at parties. This is a higher date rape and assault time; another reason to go to parties with trusted friends.
Friends can watch over each other and their drinks. Never accept an open drink from a stranger. Try not to leave an open drink out of your sight when it is easy for something to be added to it.
Never leave a party alone with someone you don’t know, because the chance of assault is high. If you have to walk somewhere away from your friends, carry pepper spray in your hand and know how to use it. We have models that look like lipstick and one that is contained in a ring, so no one will know you have it in your hand.                   
You have probably heard that life imitates one thing or another, or the opposite.  Think about the current television shows and movies. Many episode plots are taken from real life. And you can be sure that if it is on television or the movies, it will happen in real life, because someone will see if it can be done better.
 Be careful and arrive safe and well at home.
It is to your great advantage to protect yourself, your friends, and your property. We at ZebPet Enterprise’s dedicate our website to help protect you and your property. Please join our FREE mailing list newsletter by using the box to the left of this article, or at our home page. You will receive more great tips, product discounts, dumb criminal stories, and news. We never sell or give away your email information.  You can review our privacy policy here.

Have a great holiday season and be Safe out there!

Zeb Hammonds

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