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Hot Walkers Pepper Spray for Walking and Jogging

Hot WalkersToday men and women choose walking and Jogging as one way to achieve their fitness goals and to train. Many carry 1lb weights in their hands to assist them.

It is well known that trails and parks designed for walking and jogging are also a place where rapists and thieves look for opportunities to attack you.

As of December 2012 are updating this article to let you know that we have discontinued the Mace Hot Walkers. We left the article so you can see how they provided help for safety and health.  If you are lucky enough to find them, they are a good choice to help you be safe out there.

Mace® Hot Walker lLB weights were specifically made for you. They had the aerobic weight you want to assist you while walking and jogging, but they also have your protection in mind.

There are two weights that look and feel like normal aerobic hand weights. They have elastic hand straps and foam covered hand grips for comfort.

One weight holds a built in 10% aerosol pepper spray that is easy to get to and use for self-defense. The package also has a free additional refill pepper spray cartridge.

The other weight has a compartment to carry your keys and money.

If you are attacked while carrying Hot Walkers, you already have your self-defense weapon in your hands. The pepper spray can stop your attacker cold and allow you to run away and get help.

Be safe and carry some type of pepper Spray while walking and jogging for security sake.  You can find other Jogger and walker Pepper Spray by clicking here.

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