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Serial Killers In Our Backyard

Updated 06-23-2022  The Speed Freak Killers San Joaquin County, California Photos and a video link of the history of these cases are below. Update: On 06-21-2022, The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Investigations Unit posted on social media and local news stations that they are attempting to identify additional items found in a …

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Non Lethal Weapons Are The Best Choice For Self Defense

After a long law Enforcement career I have come to the decision that Non Lethal Weapons are the best choice for self defense and home protection. Things are not always what they seem to be. I have come across numerous situations where a lethal weapon, such as a firearm, has been detrimental instead of life …

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Tazer (Taser®) Products Will Help Protect You And Your Family

Updated 05-20-16 There is violence news in the headlines every day now. One that stands out, is about a young woman newly widowed and facing the challenge of having to take care of her baby as a single mother. A short time after her husband’s funeral, the woman received a knock at her door. She was confronted with a young …

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West Tennessee Home Invasion Kidnapping Updated

* Updated 04-19-2011 ** Updated 09-15-2014 According to Nashville’s CBS-TV affiliate WTVF NewsChannel5, the cousin of  country singer Whitney Duncan, was dragged from a carport, in what appeared to be a home invasion. It happened around 7:30 am, on Wednesday (April 13). The victim’s brother witnessed a man dressed in camouflage, drag victim Holly Bobo from a carport to a wooded …

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Home Invasion Anti Theft Tips

No matter where you live, how old you are, or how much wealth you have, there are people out there that want to rip you off. As baby boomers retire at younger ages each year, the chance of being at home when a criminal decides to strike are higher then ever before.

So what can you do to protect yourself from Home Invasion Robbery? Here are some tips:

Cat Burglary Anti Theft Tips

This article will touch on one of the many ongoing cases and more tips to help keep the Cat Burglar out of your home.

Date Rape Protection and Evidence UOP

You don’t need to be forced to have sex for it to be rape. Date Rape can be emotionally coerced with threats, name calling, too much alcohol, and or drugs. It is the most common form of Rape.

Many Date Rapes are planned. The use of Date Rape drugs is a one way rapist plans an attack.

You may hear Date Rape Drugs called, Rohypnol, GHB, ActiveSex, Rope, Rib, R-2, Roofies, Roche, Ruffies, and Liquid Persuasion. These drugs are difficult to detect when mixed with drinks or other drugs. They are oderless and tasteless.

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