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Home Security

The Cat Burglar

These burglar types are the real Cat Burglar and they get a kick out of burglarizing your home while you are there. If you find anything about Cat Burglars on the web, you will learn that they specialize at being stealthy like a cat. In many cases it is much more than that. The Cat Burglar is like a normal burglar that looks for easy ways to get into your home, but he/she gets a thrill from getting away with it when the home has people around.

There are three types of Cat Burglar that I am sure that you have heard of; he/she takes children or assaults adults and those Cat Burglars are called Kidnappers, Rapists, and Murderers.

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Hidden Camera LED Security Light with DVR

While working in law enforcement and consulting, I have viewed hundreds of hours of video from surveillance security systems.  The idea of  having these systems is to record video to help identify a suspect, vehicle, or other evidence that was in or removed from the crime scene. These systems all work to some extent, but many of them have issues with equipment

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How We Can Help Money Strapped Cities and Counties Protect Our Homes

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Please  be safe and aware that there are people out there looking for ways to rip you off. Property crimes and Assaults always go up this time of the year. Unfortunately there are many less Police and Sheriff  positions this year to help protect us. In a

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Welcome To Our Blog at

During 30 plus full time years as a Police Officer, Detective, and Supervisor I have been in a unique position to witness crime scenes, learn from my partners and suspects, and participate in criminal court proceedings. During the last 6 years of my career, my assignment was to enhance my department’s technology. I traveled across

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