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Using The Right Home Security Gadgets Will Result in a Safe House

Home Security

An acquaintance at the barber shop had a very good word for all of us having our hair cut that day. With today’s advances in technology, he said people can use many things to make his life as easy as possible. Unfortunately, he added, technology can be used both ways, good and bad.

That made me think about home security for the average man. He needs to make use of modern technology to provide for a safe house setting. Modern technology is also useful to criminal elements. To be a step ahead of these elements, we must take stock of home security. The idea is to make your home a Safe House. To do that you need to scare off the criminal element away from your home.

I searched the Internet for information about this topic. There are many affordable products for home security that will give any family a safe house environment.

The Super Door Alarm was the first I saw. It is a door alarm with 120 db sound which alerts you of any unauthorized entry and also a door stop that will deny entry to that same person. We have replaced this door stop alarm with the Triple Action Doorstop that includes a motion detector in case the alarm is moved.

Then I came to see the next product which is the Voice Alert System-6. It has a receiver/speaker base unit and a PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detector with sensor transmitters.

Any motion detected from the 6 protected zones will cause the base unit to sound an alert, which are the recorded alert messages of the owner. The base unit will also trigger a floodlight in the area where motion is detected.

Another home security device which can assure a safe house situation is the SlideAway Alarm, a compact magnetic door alarm. It has a 110 db siren appropriate for sliding doors. Its base is bolted to the door or window frame and its actuator is attached to the door or window.

The Electronic Barking Dog Alarm is a device that can give a safe house situation. A barking dog typically scares strangers away. So, when the protected area is breached, the sound of an angry barking dog will be heard that will scare any intruder.

ZebPet Enterprise’s ForSecuritySake is one of the leading experts on non-lethal self defense products. You will find a number of options, such as stun guns, pepper sprays, home protection, and personal alarms. They offer complete support and instruction on how to use the products, including those listed in the article.

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