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How Do You Know That Pepper Spray Works

The facts about defense sprays
The facts about defense sprays

You have probably seen pepper spray on a television show or movie. You might even have had a friend talk about or shown you a version of a pepper spray canister. But how do you know if Pepper Spray really works?

Almost all police departments in the United States issue pepper spray to their officers because it has been proven, on the job, to save officers and suspects from injury or death. Just ask any police officer that works on patrol. Officers that have been on the street for awhile will tell you that pepper spray definitely works, because they have seen the effects of it personally. Of course it will be harder today to find an officer with enough time to answer your question.

While I was growing up, in the 50s and 60s, police patrols gave our family a sense of security. Marked police cars would actually reduce the crime rate by driving around. Many crimes were prevented or caught in progress. When the police were around a suspect would move on to where there was a smaller police presence.

Today we are moving into a changing society caused in part by the state of the economy. Police departments and sheriff offices are being reduced all over the United States; some like Maywood California, eliminated entirely. As a result, policing must be outsourced to neighboring agencies or the sheriff’s office. The police presence we have had for years is becoming the smaller police presence that criminals look for.

On Thursday, July 15, 2010 NBC nightly news reported that due to personnel reduction, cities such as Oakland, California will no longer respond to non-violent crimes. Instead you will fill out a crime report on the internet.

These internet report systems are generally designed to reduce the need for an officer to respond and satisfy your insurance company requirement for a police report. A search for evidence to catch the suspect, in most cases, won’t happen. The result is that the agency saves money and the suspect continues to commit his/her crimes. It also means we as citizens will have a greater chance of coming face to face with suspect(s) while a crime is in progress. A time the suspect could become violent and we would become the victim. Pepper spray is one popular way to protect ourselves from these and other types of violent threats.

Pepper spray is easy to carry and can easily be in your hand while walking, jogging, or approaching your home or vehicle. Because of police reductions, crime has no way to go but up. We have a greater need to protect ourselves and be extra eyes and ears for our police.

For more information on peper spray refer to our blog post: What is pepper spray and how does it work? or you can find more information in our handbook: THE FACTS ABOUT DEFENSE SPRAYS AND HOW TO USE THEM TO BRING CRIMINALS TO THEIR KNEES pictured at the top of this article

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Be safe and secure out there!

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