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Outdoor & Indoor Wireless Simple To Use Alarm System

HomeSafe Outdoor Siren With Flashing Light Remote And OutDoor Adjustable Motion Sensor Bundle Package

Updated 10-10-2020

Would you set up an inexpensive alarm system if you knew it was simple to install and use?

I belong to our local Neighborhood Watch groups and it never fails to amaze me how many property incidents are reported by furious people, some who are victims more than once. These crimes include garages; sheds; cars; trailers; homes; and yards.

Un-fortunately, the police usually can’t get to a crime in progress soon enough to catch a theft suspect in the act. This results in the damage and loss of your property, along with the feelings of invasion, rage, and loss of the security.

Some property owners and their neighbors have cameras that are good at helping identify the suspect(s) after the crimes have been committed, but almost all of them do not have, or use alarms to help protect their property before it is stolen.

It is a fact that if a suspect knows that the property they are considering stealing from has alarm protection, they will leave and look for an easier target.

We wanted to do something to help people protect their property by offering an inexpensive product that is very simple to install and use. We combined  our wireless siren with flashing light, remote control, and adjustable indoor/outdoor motion sensor to make a simple system that anyone can use to help scare away intruders before they steal your things .

This Wireless Outdoor Siren with Flashing Light, Remote Control, and Adjustable Outdoor Motion Sensor does not need a keypad to code and there is no monthly monitoring charge. Just do a simple initial one-time match of the three products, install the siren near an outdoor AC outlet, and install, or place the long-lasting battery operated indoor/outdoor motion sensor where you want protection. Use the remote control to arm, disarm, or set off a panic siren. Get More Information and/or Purchase by clicking here.

Homesafe Motion SensorHomeSafe Outdoor Wireless Adjustable Motion Sensor

You can protect more than one area up to 300 feet away from the siren by adding more sensors. You can add up to 7 of three types of sensors to each siren. The Adjustable indoor/outdoor motion sensor, the indoor motion sensor, and the door/window/vibration sensor. Check them out here.

You can even add more than one remote control and/or siren with the same sensors. All you have to do is match the same remote control(s) and sensor(s) to the siren(s). Just be sure that additional sirens are armed. (The average reach distance from the remote control to the siren ( is 60 feet.) Check out the entire product page here.

HomeSafe Outdoor Siren With Flashing Light Bundle Package

Here are some property protection ideas that our customers have used these products for:
• Shed: By using a motion sensor pointed at the shed door, and inside the shed.
• Garage: By using a motion sensor inside the garage.
• Carport: By using an adjustable motion sensor aimed at a specific area from under the roof eve.
• Driveway: By pointing an adjustable motion sensor across an entrance gate.
• Barn: By placing a door sensor magnetics at the entrance and a motion sensor in an inside office.
• Window: By using the magnetics part of the door sensor on the window and window frame that will sound with vibration, or if opened.
• Car: By placing an adjustable motion sensor inside.
• Toolbox: By placing a motion sensor inside.
• Garden: By using an adjustable motion sensor aimed at a specific area of the garden.

What are you going to use your system for?

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