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self defense

HandCuffs Often Overlooked for Self Defense

Security guards, police officers, and other law enforcement individuals wouldn’t be caught on duty without a good set of Handcuffs. I carried two sets and occasionally I needed to borrow additional sets at crime scenes.  But what about off duty or at home?   The reasons we carry handcuffs are to: Restrain by tightening the …

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Stun Master Stun Guns And Myths

Updated 02/12/2022 The stun gun is an excellent self-defense product choice and lately, it has been seen on television more than other self-defense products. Hollywood has appeared to have embraced stun guns. Stun Guns and Taser like non-lethal products have been seen on TV shows using them as props in their plots: Several episodes of …

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West Tennessee Home Invasion Kidnapping Updated

* Updated 04-19-2011 ** Updated 09-15-2014 According to Nashville’s CBS-TV affiliate WTVF NewsChannel5, the cousin of  country singer Whitney Duncan, was dragged from a carport, in what appeared to be a home invasion. It happened around 7:30 am, on Wednesday (April 13). The victim’s brother witnessed a man dressed in camouflage, drag victim Holly Bobo from a carport to a wooded …

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Home Invasion Anti Theft Tips

No matter where you live, how old you are, or how much wealth you have, there are people out there that want to rip you off. As baby boomers retire at younger ages each year, the chance of being at home when a criminal decides to strike are higher then ever before.

So what can you do to protect yourself from Home Invasion Robbery? Here are some tips:

Cat Burglary Anti Theft Tips

This article will touch on one of the many ongoing cases and more tips to help keep the Cat Burglar out of your home.

The Cat Burglar

These burglar types are the real Cat Burglar and they get a kick out of burglarizing your home while you are there. If you find anything about Cat Burglars on the web, you will learn that they specialize at being stealthy like a cat. In many cases it is much more than that. The Cat Burglar is like a normal burglar that looks for easy ways to get into your home, but he/she gets a thrill from getting away with it when the home has people around.

There are three types of Cat Burglar that I am sure that you have heard of; he/she takes children or assaults adults and those Cat Burglars are called Kidnappers, Rapists, and Murderers.

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