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Travel Guard Mini Alarm Can Alert You To Intruders On The Road

Mini Travel AlarmWe enjoy traveling and have stayed in a number of hotels and motels during our travel. One thing they all have in common is you are not the only one with a key to enter your room.

Most entries to a motel room are by are by staff cleaning, replacing towles, checking the mini bar, etc.  The irretating part of this is that they come in your room while you are there. Sure they knock and announce, but unless your quick, they are often in the room and see whatever before they leave.   And if you are in the shower…

You place a lot of trust in motel or hotel staff and we have had good experiences most of the time. There have been times, however when things have turned up missing with no explaination or we have been walked in on. Housekeeping, bell hops, managers, and even people that had been given our room by mistake have come in.

The Travel Guard Mini Alarm gives you more peace of mind while on the road in a motel, hotel, or dorm room. It can be placed to point at a door, for those times when your in the shower, an area up to nine feet away, or it can be placed in luggage to protect contents while stationary.

Here is how it works:

Slide open the cover to expose the alarm’s Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor.

Point the sensor at the door, area to protect, or from inside luggage to the cover. Turn the alarm switch to auto and protection will start in 60 seconds.

If the alarm is triggered by someone walking into the room, through the protected area, or opens your luggage, the alarm will sound a 100db alarm for 15 seconds. At that point it resets and is ready to protect again.

The Travel Guard Mini Alarm also has a flashlight and panic alarm function, so you can carry it for protection while walking to your car, or anywhere else.

We use our 5th wheel trailer to explore the United States, but were woundering how to secure our rig and property from intruders. These intruders include not only people, but animals, small and large. (To see what we mean about large animals check out our blogs about Black Bears).

Travel trailers are like homes; Small rodents sometimes find their way into your storage and living areas. The 100db alarm is one way to scare them out. Just place the mini alarm in the storage compartment, or other dry area you want to protect.

Mini Travel Alarm in Palm

The Travel Guard Mini Alarm easily fits in the palm of your hand. Get yours for better piece of mind today.

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