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Make A Safer Home With Modern Simple To Use Technology

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A sample of product types at ForSecuritySake

I have learned many things at the local barber shop. Not as much as with today’s social media, but good thoughts for all of us having our hair cut.

On one occasion we talked about today’s advances in technology and how people can use many things to make their life as easy as possible.

Unfortunately, it was agreed that technology can be used both ways, good and bad.

That made me think about home security for the average person. They need to make use of modern technology to provide for a safe home setting. Some modern technology, like social media, is also useful to criminal elements, but to be a step ahead of these elements, we must take stock of home security. The idea is to make your home a Safe House.

To do that you need wait to post on social media that your going to be away until you return home. Then post how much fun it was with pictures to share the experience.

While away, make your home look lived in with light and radio timers and if someone gets close to the home let them know your house is not an easy target.

There are many simple to use and affordable products for home security that will give any family a safe house environment. I wanted to simplify finding these products and as a result, was born. 

The idea behind any security product for the home is to make the would-be intruder think that your home would be more work and risk then they are willing to do.  The best security will make him/her think that before they even try to break in. 

A couple of products to help accomplish that goal include:

The Electronic Barking Dog Alarm: A device that can give a safe house situation. A barking dog typically scares strangers away with the sound of a real angry barking dog when the protected area is breached.  The best barking dog alarm system not only works out of the box for one area, but is expandable with add on sensors to get around metal objects and to cover more than one area of your home.

The easy to use Wireless Siren and Flashing Light system uses the same add sensors and remote controls as the electronic barking dog alarm mentioned above. Three different type of sensors can be added to protect the outdoor areas and interior areas of you home. 

Theft can happen with people invited into your home. The best way to help prevent this is to hide your property from someone in a safe or what is called a Diversion Safe. These are products that look and feel like the real thing, but there are hidden compartments to put your valuables in. There are many available and can be as simple as a Soda Can safe, to a Real Book Safe.  

Portable at home, or on the go, you can protect your temporary home with The Triple Action Doorstop Alarm. It is a door alarm with 120db sound which alerts you of any unauthorized entry. This door stop alarm will deny entry to a person, and it also includes a motion detector that sounds the alarm if it is moved. The alarm is useful at home, dorm rooms, hotels, and anywhere else there is a door you want to protect while you are inside. 

There are less then and non-lethal products for protection from intruders just incase you find the need for self defense.  80% or more serious assault suspects have been known to victims. Having self defense products including: Pepper Sprays, or Stun Guns can help save you from an attack and leave any suspect with regret. 

There are many other products to help make your home a safer one. 

So come spend some time with us to see what is available and choose what will work best for you.

ZebPet Enterprise’s ForSecuritySake is one of the leading experts on non-lethal self defense products. You will find a number of options, such as stun guns, pepper sprays, home protection, and personal alarms. They offer complete support and instruction on how to use the products and provide home security consultation.

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